A safe environment for all

As rules once again ease in Wales, we welcome the return to what feels somewhat normal however we still put our team and our customers safety at the forefront of what we do and therefore will be keeping a number of restrictions in place as we feel this ensures safety for all whilst maintaining the friendly and sociable environment that our pubs always offer.

Face Masks

We leave this choice up to you however we do encourage people to still wear them whilst moving around the pub.

Hand Sanitising & Regular Cleaning

We will continue to keep our hand sanitiser stations in place and encourage customers to sanitise their hands upon arrival to the pub and ensure that all of team are washing and sanitising their hands regularly.  Our team will continue to regularly clean and sanitise touch areas around the pub as well as regular cleaning of our toilets.

Social Distancing

We do still ask customers to respect other people’s personal space and to give people room when moving around the pub.

Staff Health Checks

Staff will undertake temperature and health checks upon arrival for their shift to ensure they are fit to work.  It is the individual choice of the staff member whether they choose to wear a face covering or not.


We appreciate that we may not have answered all your questions above and so if any queries remain we would like to direct you to our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website HERE, or by all means get in touch directly.

If we all play our part then we can enjoy our time at the pub with friends and family.  We hope that we have found the balance right between being a great pub and keeping you and our team safe however if you have any concerns or feedback then please speak to a member of the team.

See you soon!